ITA Mentoring

Who should apply to be a mentee?

  • Anyone seeking additional support in achieving professional development goals 
  • Anyone interested in expanding their Harvard IT network and learning more about other areas of Harvard IT
  • Anyone with a positive attitude who is willing and able to dedicate additional time to their career development
  • Anyone with the courage to step up and put themselves out there
  • Anyone who is ready to take an active role in their career journey


About the mentors

  • You will be mentored by senior Harvard IT staff who have completed extensive training in coaching and leadership

Prior to applying

  • Ensure your manager supports the time commitment
  • Think of any topics you would like to discuss with mentors and your peers
  • Have a Harvard colleague provide a brief recommendation for you 
  • Read this article, Are you Mentorable?, and watch the video at the end

The cohort 4 application period will begin in early November. Watch your mail for a message sent to all of IT at Harvard!