Management Effectiveness

Management EffectivenessFor IT Managers: Conduct effective performance appraisals, help staff manage their career development, make sound and timely decisions, maintain financial responsibility, and guide organizations through change."Either you run the day or the day runs you."

See also: Competency

Level I


Instructor-led workshops designed to promote development in each of the T-shaped core competencies

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Required course, no prerequisites

Universal Manager Training

(On campus, instructor-led, free, CWD)
IT managers will complete three half-day sessions and additional online learning on the essential nature of building trust, delegating authority, providing feedback, and fostering accountability and engagement with staff at Harvard.  This is a CWD open enrollment.

Level II


Additional courses, webinars, and other activities that staff can complete at their own pace

Additional requirements for Level II coming soon.
(prerequisite: Level I)

Becoming a Coaching Manager (CWD)

This interactive 2-day session will include skill-practice opportunities in a safe environment with manager peers. You will explore the coaching manager’s mindset and practice foundational coaching skills including listening and the use of open-ended questions. Coaching is a reflective conversation focused on leveraging and enhancing the staff member’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and perspective to achieve one’s goals and further engagement. You will be expected to apply concepts between sessions and reflect on your experience to develop confidence and skills.


Level III


Development activities that staff complete within their work teams to reinforce learning from classroom and online training

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(prerequisite: Levels I & II)

Level IV


Advanced development opportunities for staff and managers who wish to become recognized experts and mentors in a competency area

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(prerequisite: Levels I, II, & III)