How It Works

The IT Academy is the first-ever, University-wide, multi-year professional development program specifically designed for all levels of IT staff. 

It’s your one-stop shop for acquiring relevant and transferable skills across a number of competencies, while building excellence in your field of expertise.

Earn badges by progressing through four levels of development in six competency tracks.

Each of the IT Academy’s six competency tracks includes development opportunities that progress along four levels of curriculum.  The IT Academy course catalog includes details on the four-levels for each competency area. Earn a badge for each level of achievement in each competency. For example, you will earn a badge when you complete Level I in the Service Mindset competency track. You will also earn a badge when you complete Level I in Trusted Advisor, and so on. 

Criteria for badging at each level is described below.

Level I: Learn

IT Academy Level I Badge

Criteria: Complete Level I courses to learn the fundamental concepts in each core competency. Badges will be awarded after Level I course completion and can be viewed in Harvard Training Portal.  Click on the Me Tab and view earned badges when you click on the Rewards link.

Level II: Practice

IT Academy Level II Badge

Criteria: Complete Level I. Accomplish additional Level II courses, webinars, and other activities at your own pace. Lead a peer or team meeting to discuss how the competency relates to your work and to Harvard. Manager recommends employee for a Level II badge.  Level II Badge requirements are available in Harvard Training Portal.

Level III: Apply

IT Academy Level III Badge

Criteria: Complete Level II. Complete one or more on the job activities that reinforce knowledge about the competency, gained from classroom and online training. Demonstrate ability to apply these skills to measurably improve a specific process, meet a direct need, or resolve a discrete challenge. Manager recommends employee to receive a badge.  Service Mindset Level III and Agile Level III are available in the Harvard Training Portal.  Additional Level III Badge requirements will be available in FY20.

Level IV: Teach

IT Academy Level IV Badge

Criteria: Complete Level III. Accomplish advanced development opportunities to become recognized experts, certified trainers, coaches or mentors in the competency area.  Guide one or more more cross-functional or cross-school teams to improve IT service delivery, project value, and team performance. Managers recommend employees to receive a badge.  Email if you meet the requirements for your Level IV Badge.


Remember you can also identify any courses you have already attended by reviewing your Me page in the Harvard Training Portal or any other relevant certificates. You could already be on your way to an IT Academy badge!  Email IT Academy ( if there are any discrepancies with your training transcript on your Me page.

Core Practices

Core iconDevelop and apply your knowledge of agile development, project management, information security, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodologies. The following core practices apply to every Harvard IT professional, across schools, departments, and teams.... Read more about Core Practices

 T Shaped

Through instructor-led courses and self-paced activities, Harvard-wide IT staff have an opportunity to deepen their subject matter expertise and broaden their knowledge of Harvard's unique technology landscape and service-focused environment, and to become a "T-shaped professional."

T-shaped professionals are in high demand in today’s workplace, and are characterized by their ability to collaborate across functions and innovate across disciplines (the horizontal bar), and their deep knowledge in at least one area (the vertical bar).


icon levels

Start with Level I foundational courses: Several foundations courses start in July 2015. (Level II will be piloted in FY16. Levels III and IV will be available in FY17-18.)

pace icon

Progress at your own pace: Four levels of development will be offered in each of the six competency tracks.

Tracks icon

The Management Effectiveness track has been developed specifically for managers, but all technology staff are encouraged to complete the Level I courses in every other competency area.

badge icon

Earn badges: Badges are awarded when you complete a level in any of the competency tracks.

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To get started, browse the course catalog and register for available offerings.