Do I get credit for training already completed?

Yes!  If you have previously completed any of the Level I or Level II course(s) in a competency track (or their equivalent), click here to send an email to the IT Academy training administrator to receive credit towards your badge. 


How does participation in the IT Academy align with the performance management process at Harvard?

The IT Academy is an important contributor to IT performance management at Harvard.  Staff members and their managers are to refer to the T-shaped professional competency tracks and IT Academy badge levels during goal setting and performance reviews throughout the performance management cycle.

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What are the competencies and curriculum for my IT Job Family?

The competencies and curriculum for the various roles within Harvard's IT Job Families are still in development.  Each IT Job Summary will be led by a team of subject matter experts across Harvad IT.  As each team develops the content for that area, it will be reviewed by the IT Academy Steering Committee for inclusion in the course catalog.

The IT Job Family content will follow the same 4-level curriculum as the other competencies. ...

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What does "prerequisite" mean?

Prerequisites refer to the completion of badging criteria defined at a lower level of curriculum prior to entering the next level.

In certain cases, individuals or teams may be ready to move on to the next level of development in parallel with completing activities at a prior level.  Individuals should discuss these cases with their managers before working on activities at more than one level at a time.

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What is a T-shaped professional?

T-shaped individuals have both breadth in how to collaborate and innovate across disciplines and depth in specific areas of expertise. 

What makes T-shaped individuals so effective at what they do is that they are immensely empathetic, having a keen sense of other's perspectives. A T-shaped professional can see through others’ eyes, walk in their shoes, listen actively, and create solutions that build on their ideas.

These qualities are essential in higher education where faculty and students continuously seek new ways to use technology to advance learning, collaborate...

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What is the cost?

There is no cost to attend required the 6 Level I core courses.  Other courses may involve fees.  Depending on the type of course, these fees are either directed to your departments, or, in the case of the Division of Continuing Education, may require student fees or tuition reimbursement.  Please review the course catalog for individual course costs, and consult your managers for approval to attend.

Who is the IT Academy for?

All Harvard IT Staff!

You are eligible to participate in the IT Academy if you are a Harvard employee and work in IT. At this time, those with contractor, co-op, intern or temporary status are not eligible to participate. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us at it-academy@harvard.edu

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