Agile iconDevelop and apply your knowledge of the agile development methodology.

Level I


Instructor-led workshops designed to promote development in each of the T-shaped core competencies

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Required course, no prerequisites 

Agile - Foundations

Learn more about Agile at Harvard by attending the Agile – Foundations class.  Acquire and / or reinforce your understanding of the why and the what of Agile at the team level.  Participate in Agile Team simulations and leave with ideas and clarifications on how to start, restart or move forward with you and your team's Agile Journey.  Targeted audience – all IT Professionals.   Completion of this class grants you the level 1 Agile badge and prepares you for future level 2 and 3 classes along this journey.

Level II


Additional courses, webinars, and other activities that staff can complete at their own pace

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(prerequisite: Level I)

Continuous Learning

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Getting to Done

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Level III


Development activities that staff complete within their work teams to reinforce learning from classroom and online training

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(prerequisite: Levels I & II)

Level IV


Advanced development opportunities for staff and managers who wish to become recognized experts and mentors in a competency area

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(prerequisite: Levels I & II, III)