About the IT Academy

gate-shieldThe new Harvard IT Academy is a CIO Council, FAS Research Computing and DCE sponsored, multi-year professional development program.

Recent trends in IT management are changing the way Harvard thinks about information technology. In order to stay competitive and retain our valued employees, the IT Academy aims to enable each IT staff person to grow professionally and become a trusted partner to her or his team. The IT Academy is built on the belief that every IT staff member across the University (including technology employees at each school and campus) can grow in her or his area of expertise as well as building strong people and project management skills.

The IT Academy curriculum was introduced in June 2015 with the first of four levels of courses, called fundamentals, in each area of competency. New courses will be added quarterly with a goal of offering the Level III and IV courses by FY18. Level II courses are being piloted in FY17.